The Platypus puzzle can be rotated around any of 8 vertices in multiples of 120 degrees.
This makes it hard enough to be a challenge, but still easy enough to master without
help in a few days. It has precision injection molded parts. A spring-loaded thin
ball-bearing mechanism makes operation easy and precise.
Just in case you do need a little help in playing with this unique puzzle, some hints
are provided under the solution link on our webside

Below is an interesting 8 turn movehow to bring all 3 matching sites atound each corner
and have all 4 different suits on each face and the corner tops.

Starting from the solved position move each corner clockwise 1 turn each, then the centers
anticlockwise 1 turn each. To brings the pieces back to the starting position, turn
the centers clockwise 1 turn each, and then the corners anticlockwise 1 turn each.


Solution hint for 1st level

The diagrams above show sequence of tree moves on the puzzles.


  • The first move takes down a piece from the top and moves it to the front.
  • The second move replaces that piece by another.
  • The last move moves that replacement piece back to the top.

    The result is shown if fig.1 above.

  • Solution hint for 1st level

    Solution hint for 2nd level



    These hints have been prepared by © Jaap Scherphuis & Uwe Meffert.

    Solution hint for 3rd level 10 steps.

    Rotate the Centre only to line up the Colour Bars.

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