by Kurt Endl.

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Section 1: The Objectives
Section 2: The Elementary Operations
Section 3: Construction of the North Pole Cap
Section 4: Setting the Northern Equatorial Edges
Section 5: Setting the Northern Equatorial Corners
Section 6: Setting the Middle Equatorial Edges (current)
Section 7: Setting the Southern Equatorial Edges
Section 8: Setting the South Pole Edges
Section 9: Placing the Southern Equatorial Corners
Section 10: Placement of the South Pole Corners
Section 11: Orientation of the Southern Equatorial and South Pole Corners

6. Setting the middle equatorial edges

Now we turn MEGAMINX so that the South Pole center is on top. We do this in order to be able to apply the same elementary operations. For the South Pole color, we shall use the same yellow as for the North Pole color. There is no confusion possible, because we never touch the North Pole cap again

We always set a middle equatorial edge from the South Pole cap. The main operations are the following:

The South Pole is,
from now on, here

L** L** R**
R** R** L**

If such an edge is in the South Pole cap, but wrongly oriented for our purpose, you orient it differently by using either one of the next two operations:

R**   L**

If such an edge is at a southern equatorial edge-place, you lift it into the South Pole cap by one of the following operations:


If such an edge is at a middle equatorial edge-place, but wrongly placed, apply one of the first two operations of this section to lift it into the South Pole cap, from where you can set it correctly by the previous methods.

ƤרҽԺ ţƤѢҽԺ,ţƤѢҽԺ,ţƤѢҽԺ ҽԺ,ưҽԺ,ݰҽԺ ƽƷ,ƽ֢״ ״/״֢״/״ ݡҽԺ/ݡƷ/ݡô Ѣ Ƥ ѷҽϢ
õƤҽԺ Ƥ Ƥ ƤҽԺ ƤҽԺ
ϷƤҽԺ ճҽԺ,Ƥ ƤרҽԺ,ƤҽԺ õƤҽԺ
ţƤѢҽԺ,ţƤѢҽԺ,ţƤѢ·,ţƤѢҽԺ,ţƤѢҽԺ õİҽԺ
۲ҽԺ ݡȥļҽԺ
Ƥô Ʊƽ ״ м
ͺѷ ѢԤ Ҹ ݽǻ֢ҽԺ ֢ҽԺ ݽ괯ȥ