by Kurt Endl.

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Section 1: The Objectives
Section 2: The Elementary Operations
Section 3: Construction of the North Pole Cap
Section 4: Setting the Northern Equatorial Edges (current)
Section 5: Setting the Northern Equatorial Corners
Section 6: Setting the Middle Equatorial Edges
Section 7: Setting the Southern Equatorial Edges
Section 8: Setting the South Pole Edges
Section 9: Placing the Southern Equatorial Corners
Section 10: Placement of the South Pole Corners
Section 11: Orientation of the Southern Equatorial and South Pole Corners

4. Setting the northern equatorial edges.

Surprisingly, this is quite a tricky problem. To solve it, bring the appropriate edge into the left or right cap, as indicated in the pictures below. The corresponding operation will then set the edge without destroying the order of the North Pole cap



If a northern equatorial edge is at a northern equatorial edge-place, but wrongly placed, bring it in front and apply one of the above operations. This will remove this edge from its place.

This could be done also with somewhat shorter operations. However, you will soon convince yourself that these operations are faster. Turning both L** and R** twice is an automatic sequence of turns.

It is very important to have simple memory aids. Here we can say: If the edge to be set is in the left cap, we start turning the front cap to the left and then apply (L**)2. The analogous rule holds, if the edge to be set is in the right cap.

ƤרҽԺ ţƤѢҽԺ,ţƤѢҽԺ,ţƤѢҽԺ ҽԺ,ưҽԺ,ݰҽԺ ƽƷ,ƽ֢״ ״/״֢״/״ ݡҽԺ/ݡƷ/ݡô Ѣ Ƥ ѷҽϢ
õƤҽԺ Ƥ Ƥ ƤҽԺ ƤҽԺ
ϷƤҽԺ ճҽԺ,Ƥ ƤרҽԺ,ƤҽԺ õƤҽԺ
ţƤѢҽԺ,ţƤѢҽԺ,ţƤѢ·,ţƤѢҽԺ,ţƤѢҽԺ õİҽԺ
۲ҽԺ ݡȥļҽԺ
Ƥô Ʊƽ ״ м
ͺѷ ѢԤ Ҹ ݽǻ֢ҽԺ ֢ҽԺ ݽ괯ȥ