by Kurt Endl.

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Section 1: The Objectives
Section 2: The Elementary Operations
Section 3: Construction of the North Pole Cap (current)
Section 4: Setting the Northern Equatorial Edges
Section 5: Setting the Northern Equatorial Corners
Section 6: Setting the Middle Equatorial Edges
Section 7: Setting the Southern Equatorial Edges
Section 8: Setting the South Pole Edges
Section 9: Placing the Southern Equatorial Corners
Section 10: Placement of the South Pole Corners
Section 11: Orientation of the Southern Equatorial and South Pole Corners

3. Construction of the North Pole cap

Placing an edge or a corner:
This means that we transport an edge or a corner to its correct place, without worrying about the relative position of its colors.

Orienting an edge or a corner:
This means that we turn an edge or a corner on the spot.. such that its colors fit with those of the neighboring edges and corners

2 clicks

2 clicks

Sometimes it happens that a North Pole edge is in the equatorial belt, in between and below of two already set North Pole edges The following operations sends it down into the front cap

Now we want to set the North Pole corners. We shall always set the front North Pole corner. To achieve this, look for the corner whose colors fit with the colors of the little pentagons in the left, right and North Pole caps. (see page 12) Bring it underneath the front North Pole corner- place There are three possible cases which you handle by the following operations:


{L**}3 or {R**}3

Here it can happen, that a North Pole corner is in the North Pole cap, but wrongly placed. In this case you just turn MEGAMINX to bring this corner in front. Application of R* * will "send" this corner down into the equatorial belt, where it will wait for your further disposition.

At this point let me give you a piece of advice which holds for all combinatorial games: Try always to do something positive, i.e. try to set or at least to place an edge or a corner! For, setting or placing an edge or a corner will at the same time "chase" a wrongly placed edge or a wrongly placed corner!

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