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Puzzles, Pyraminx, Twisting puzzles, Megaminx, Kokonotsu-sudoku, 5x5x5 cube

Uwe Meffert is one of the leading Rotating Puzzle Inventors and makers. He has invented over 100, 3D rotational puzzles of which around 40 became commercially viable, including Pyraminx Puzzles, Twisting puzzles, Kokonotsu-sudoku, Pyraminx, 5x5x5 cube, Megaminx, Rubiks cube, 4x4x4 cube, Kokonotsu, Sudoku, Kokonotsu-Super-Sudoku, and SuperSudoku. Puzzles are a way of teaching mathematics. Indeed, they are the best way to teach it. The infamous Pyraminx was invented by Meffert, and introduced by Tomy Toys of Japan (then the 3rd largest toy company in the world) in 1981. Over 10 million pieces where sold through toy stores by Christmas 1981, and 90 million sold within 3 years. Following this initial success, Meffert also supplied the Impossiball to Milton Bradley and the 4x4x4 & 5x5x5 cubes to Ideal toys and their subsidiaries.

Rubiks cube, 4x4x4 cube, Kokonotsu, Sudoku, Kokonotsu-Super-Sudoku, SuperSudoku

If you hated math at school, it wasn't because the subject is dreary but because you had dreary teachers who in turn also disliked mathematics. Uwe Meffert's Puzzlers help put the fun back into mathematics. Visit our Puzzle Shop for all kinds of 3D rotational puzzles.

Puzzles  Pyraminx  Twisting puzzles  5x5x5 cube
Kokonotsu-sudoku  Megaminx  Rubiks cube
4x4x4 cube  Sudoku  Kokonotsu
Kokonotsu-Super-Sudoku  SuperSudoku

Pyraminx Puzzles
Kokonotsu-sudoku Twisting puzzles5x5x5 cube Megaminx 4x4x4 cubeSudoku Rubiks cube KokonotsuSuperSudoku Kokonotsu-Super-Sudoku

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Puzzles, Kokonotsu-Super-Sudoku, Megaminx, and Pyraminx

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