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Traiphum Dinomorphix 5 color Large Display Box
Traiphum Dinomorphix 5 color Large Display Box
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Brand : Calvin’s Puzzle

Material : ABS plastic, PVC stickers

Dimension : about 57mm x 57mm x 57mm

Packaging : small clear box / large display box

Weight : 120g (small clear box) / 170g (large display box)

Patent Number : 20113047163x.x


This puzzle, designed by Traiphum Prungtaengkit, is a hybrid of face-turning and vertex-turning tetrahedron.


We have been prepared this cube for more than half year. This long waiting cube turns smooth, in pillow shape with 8-armed ball core. The goal is to scramble the puzzle and then restore each face to it’s original colour. Thanks for the brilliant design of Traiphum.


As most of puzzle friends prefer black and white, we shall have the traditional black and white bodies. Besides, we have 2 limited editions, blue and 5 solid color.


Dan Fast Video Review =

Traiphum’s Prototype video :


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