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12 color Impossiball
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skill level
12 color Impossiball
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The Impossiball Is the first puzzle in the world to have two functions: It can be used as a rotating puzzle ball, or by removing one of the pieces it becomes thet world’s first 19 piece 3-D sliding puzzle.

It is a well sized puzzle with 20 spherical triangles, and it has a very definate movement. This is a puzzle which won’t fall apart in your hands. Five triangles form a spherical cap, there are a total of twelve spherical caps. These caps may be rotated through angles of 72 deg.

The Idea of the Puzzle
The idea of the puzzle is to scramble the colors and then return them to the initial state of twelve single-colored caps.

Make no mistake, this is a difficult puzzle, but the personal satisfaction it gives once solved is brilliant.
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