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With molded finish.
The world’s first double axis ball bearing mechanism puzzle.
Platypus, is the worlds first mechanical puzzle, featuring a unique Twin Axis ball-bearing mechanism, it has 4 difficulty puzzle levels and two players can challenge each other in the fun to play Platypus Game.
Fun to play and solve, the more you play the smarter you become.

The Idea of the Puzzle
The idea of the puzzle is to scramble the card suites and then either return them to the initial state, or time yourself through 4 interesting difficulty levels,

* 1st. match all four card suites on each side,
* 2nd. match the same 3 outside card suites to different card suite centers.
* 3rd. line up all the J (Jacks) Q (Queens) K (Kings) and A (Aces) on each of the 4 apex columns.
* 4th. line up the matching color bars in 6 locations around the center core.

There are 239,500,800 possible positions of the Platypus. It is theoretically possible to solve Platypus from any of those positions in 13 moves or less, but in actuality it should take about 20 moves once you have mastered it.

Platypus can be rotated around any of its vertices by multiples of 120 deg. This makes it hard enough to be a real challenge, but easy enough to master, without help, in a few days. It has precision injection
molded parts and spring-loaded bearings which make operation easy and exact. Just in case you do have difficulty in solving Platypus, some hits are provided by clicking on the solution link.
Platypus is the perfect brain exerciser / teaser for all ages from 8 to 100+.
I believe this is the most exiting puzzle ever made.

Happy Puzzling - Uwe Meffert
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