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Magic Square
Magic Square
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The Assembly Cube, made of high quality ABS with molded plastic tiles for long life. You will never have sticker problems again. Available in transparent, three and six color versions. Two challenges in one, first assemble the cube out of the 33 pieces into any pattern you like.

The 3 color version enables many previously impossible patterns such as 3x, and 5x checker boards and a new type of 4 Spot pattern, adding a new dimension to cubic fun. This is possible because the 3 color Assembly Cube as 3 pairs of adjacent sides the same color! An interesting new twist for the long time cubist.
After assembly you will end up with the Smoothest Turning Cube Ever Made. Use the metal Key to dis-assemble the cube any time. Great in helping cube novices to get more familiar with the cube more quickly and making it easier to experiment with new patterns. The Assembly cube is covered by world-wide patents, copyright & applications. Its unique features won it the Gold Medal at the Inventors Convention.
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