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Orbix (Electronic Puzzle)
Orbix (Electronic Puzzle)
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The ORBIX puzzle is the first three dimensional battery operated puzzle. It has 12 push button lights, each of which can be either in an "on" or "off" state. There is also a small speaker which emits a small beep when a button is presses and which plays a little victory tune when you’ve managed to get all the lights turned on.

It has a memory so that the state you had when you turn off the ORBIX is preserved, even if it was flashing and playing its victory tune- great if you want to show your friends what you have done!

You can turn the speaker off whenever you want (press any two buttons which are separated by one button simultaneously) and you can turn the ORBIX puzzle off whenever you want (press any two opposite buttons simultaneously).

Pressing each button changes all the neighboring lights so winning is more challenging than you think. When you get all lights on or all the lights off the puzzle will play a victory tune, but the puzzle is only regarded as being "solved" when all the lights are on.

ORBIX has four puzzles, some of which are easier to solve that others. You can switch between them anytime (just press any two adjacent buttons simultaneously, after which the ORBIX will emit a number of beeps indicating the puzzle number). (For some solution hints of the different puzzles, see the hint page.)
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