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Gear Ball Black body
Gear Ball Black body
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Hi All!

The new Gear Ball by Oskar & Mefferts is the smoothest and easiest-turning puzzle ever made. In play it is like liquid running through your fingers, the gentle sound of the mechanism like a bubbling brook flowing over pebbles. This latest addition to our Gear puzzle line was a huge hit at the recent big toy fairs in Nuremberg and New York and is expected to ring up big sales worldwide among puzzle fans.

Playing with Gear Ball is a pleasant pastime. The puzzle will actually teach you how to enjoy and solve it, if that is what you want. And since twisting and moving our fingers is something that our hands do naturally without our even thinking about it, puzzling comes naturally. But this “doodling” actually is an important way to relieve inner stress. It also contributes to better health by stimulating nerve ends in the palms thereby increasing brain activity. So, while younger players will enjoy Gear Ball for its cool look and the challenges it presents, older players will benefit from the mental activity that’s essential for healthy living.

It’s estimated that as much as eighty percent of all illnesses that affect people are stress-related. Dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s–all of these are diseases to which the aged are vulnerable. But something as simple as regularly playing with a twisty puzzle can slow the advance of such illnesses or help relieve their symptoms and keep the brain active. Keeping the brain active is something we all need.

We are presently working with Dr. Dieter Lagerstroem, head of research at the German Sports University in Cologne, to better understand the benefits of puzzling for the aged and young children as well as players of competitive sports.

Puzzling is an interesting example of how we learn. The brain continuously and subconsciously remembers everything that has happened to us since the day we were born until we depart this earth. Nothing is ever lost, only misplaced or poorly filed by commands that we give to our subconscious brain.

Try this. Right now, sit in a relaxed position and begin turning Gear Ball, making sure that a square center piece is in the middle of the side that you turn. Keep turning for, say, 5 to 10 minutes in the same direction, and then try another of the three possible ways to turn. As you are watching, your subconscious is observing and remembering everything that is happening–really–and will eventually guide your fingers closer and closer to the solution you are aiming for, whether it’s some beautiful symmetry or pattern or arriving back at the starting position. If you keep turning long enough you will return to the solved start position just as surely as Halley’s Comet returns every 75 years. Another example of Nature’s law.

If you play long enough in a relatively quiet environment your subconscious will be able to also learn where each piece of the puzzle is just by the gently clicking sounds that the pieces make as they rotate. So you can even play with Gear Ball while watching TV or waiting to board a plane and will get the benefit of Gear Ball’s relaxing effect. The more you play with Gear Ball the more relaxed and smarter you will become. It’s like a wellness shot in the arm.

We believe that Gear Ball is “the wave of the future” in mechanical puzzles and we will incorporate its principles in many of our future puzzle designs.

We’d like for you to try Gear Ball now and give us your comments. Also, send us any especially interesting patterns you make. If your comments or photos are published you will receive a FREE Meffert’s Puzzle of your choice.
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Happy Puzzling,
Ulrich and Uwe

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