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Curvy Copter Twins
designed by Tom van der Zanden
Curvy Copter Twins
Price: $34.00
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The Curvy Copter is a shape modification of the Helicopter Cube. Instead of normal
planar cuts, the cutting line is placed at an angle of 32 degrees to give parabolic
cuts. In addition to the 24 faces and 8 corners that need to be solved, the curved
cuts reveal 12 edge pieces normally hidden inside the puzzle. The curved cuts
also give rise to the beautiful clover leaf pattern on the faces.

Because the orientation of the edges has to be taken into account, the Curvy
Copter is a bigger challenge to solve than the Helicopter Cube. It has over
a thousand times more combinations than the Helicopter Cube, but is still a
very friendly puzzle.

Just like the Helicopter Cube, the Curvy Copter has optional jumbling moves
which allow the puzzle to take on strange shapes and become even more scrambled.
So once you have learned how to solve a Curvy Copter which has not been jumbled,
you will face another challenge of solving the Curvy Copter after it has been

I designed the Curvy Copter in early 2010 and immediately recognized that it
would be a very beautiful puzzle. I had a prototype 3D printed by Shapeways,
which worked very well. The puzzle proved extremely popular and many collectors
purchased 3D printed copies from my Shapeways Shop [].
This puzzle is particularly close to my heart because its success encouraged
me to design more puzzles.

It is not surprising I was devastated to hear a Chinese company copied my puzzle.
I am very thankful for the efforts which Mr. Meffert has taken in defending
my copyright in China and also bringing the Curvy Copter puzzle to his shop
for a very affordable price – less than one tenth of the original price for
a 3d printed copy. It is great that now many more of you can buy this puzzle
for a reasonable price and hope that many of you will chose to buy a legitimate
copy from Meffert’s.

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