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Helicopter Cubes White body
Helicopter Cubes White body
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Are You Worthy of the New Twisty Puzzle

Mass Produced Helicopter Cubes for Your Twisty Puzzle

" The Helicopter Cube is highly sought after as it
isn’t just a shape modification of an existing puzzle, nor taking a puzzle to
a higher level. You can throw out all your existing algorithms, as you need
to start over! This one is all new! (And it Jumbles!)" -- Derek Bosch (puzzle
designer and collector)

Everyone lies awake at night with a voice in their head telling them to mass
produce their favorite puzzles. Right? We all have that. It’s just part of the
human condition to want more twisty puzzles on the market. Sooner or later,
it’s time to burn down the cubicle, sell the minivan, and pursue evil plans
with a friend and fellow evil scientist.

The Twisty Store is very proud to announce, in evil cooperation with The Twisty
Puzzle Workshop, that mass produced Helicopter Cubes will be for sale soon at
The Twisty Store. The first production samples are in hand, and we are confident
you will be as thrilled with the quality as we are.

Price and release date haven’t been set yet, although you can cross your fingers
for February. We will let you know as soon as we have a date we are sure we
can stick to. Until then, feel free to start imagining your Helicopter Cube
in your hands, playing with it for hours.

"A few puzzles are so clear in concept that they
aren’t ’invented’ so much as ’discovered’. The Helicopter Cube is one of the
few designs which we can be sure would be known to any technologically alien
species we might encounter." -- Bram Cohen (Inventor of BitTorrent)

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About the Helicopter Cube

The Helicopter Cube is a twisty puzzle with slices allowing all 12 edges of
the puzzle to rotate. Each edge can be rotated 180 degrees to scramble and solve
the puzzle. A special move is possible after a partial rotation, allowing the
puzzle to "jumble", a very special property making the Helicopter
Cube unique among mass produced puzzles. Hand made versions have been much sought
after by collectors. The Helicopter Cube was conceived by Adam G. Cowan in 2005,
but wasn’t built until 2006, when Adam discovered that 3D printing could be
used to realize the parts.

About The Twisty Puzzle Workshop

Twisty Puzzle Workshop is the brainchild of the card carrying genius Adam G.
Cowan. His website,
is currently being 3D printed, and will be ready for twisting by the end of
January 2010. Until then, find Adam on facebook or twitter:

About The Twisty Store

The Twisty Store, operated by puzzle maniac Jason Smith, is dedicated to bringing
you new and hard to find twisty puzzles at affordable prices, and supporting
and partnering with designers in bringing their inventions to life.

You can also find Jason on facebook and twitter:

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