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with solid pieces and tiles
Twin set
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Prof.Cube<br>with solid pieces and tiles<br>Twin set
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Professor Cube with tile finished.
The Professor Cube is the ultimate Magic cube. The largest (5x5x5) cube puzzle in production, it presents a real challenge to the cube expert amongst us. The Professor Cube is one of the largest magic cubes there could be, as there would be problems with a 7x7x7 cube of regular units.

It is possible to move the cube along any line on the surface. Each line can be moved independantly or with an adjacent line. It has precision injection molded parts which make operation easy and exact.

The Idea of the Puzzle
The idea of the puzzle is to scramble the colors and then return them to the initial state of six single-colored sides.

The Professor Cube is difficult, but should prove a worthy challenge for a Puzzle expert. Just in case you do have difficulty in solving the Professor Cube, a hint booklet is included with the puzzle.
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