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Evgeniy Icosahedron Dogix Ice Blue Body
DIY 12-Color Sticker Set, limited edition
Evgeniy Icosahedron Dogix Ice Blue Body
Price: $62.00
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Color : Ice Green / Ice Blue / Ice Orange
Dimensions : about 100x100x120mm
Weight : about 410g
Video review :

The Icosahedron Standard, Dogix & Carousel are designed by Evgeniy Grigoriev. They are 3 new puzzles added into Calvin’s puzzles. The internal mechanism is a modern megaminx mechanism as mf8 crazy megaminx.
The Standard has 20 sticker colors, and 4 big triangular stickers on the 20 faces. The Dogix has 12 sticker colors, and a special sticker pattern with 5 big and 5 small triangular stickers (1/3). The Carousel has 20 sticker colors, one face has 2 sticker colors that 1/2 dividing the face. The puzzle is further dividing into 3 parts, the top, middle and bottom. The stickers pattern constructed looks like a carousel.
The turning is good as other collector puzzles. You won’t regret to get one and to play on hand.

High quality, good for collection or as gifts to friends/families.

Remarks : If pre-stickered preferred, state "pre-stickered" on the remarks of the shopping cart.

Happy Puzzling !
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