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Tony Mini 5x5x5 Ball Red Body in Small Clear Box
Limited Edition
Tony Mini 5x5x5 Ball Red Body in Small Clear Box
Price: $36.00
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Tony Pineapple Cube in Small Clear Box

Brand : Calvin’s Puzzle

Material : ABS plastic

Color : ( per photo )

Packaging : small clear box

We are happy to announce our new puzzles, Tony Overlapping Cube series, including Ball-in-Cube, Mini 5x5x5 Ball & Pineapple, have been mass-produced and released to the market.

We have received the hand-made puzzle samples from Tony 2012. With the help of Evgeniy, we had finished the puzzles design drawings in solid works files. On and off mould drawings and making issues, we had struggle for 6 years. Hence, we have finally the market qualified puzzles mass produced. The quality are promising and outlook are elegant.

The Overlapping Cube and Mini 5x5x5 Ball are the main members of this family series. With these 2 puzzles, you can make quite a lot of variations. Above 8 variations are the general idea of us. Try your imagination and creativity, you may able to create a new family member.

For this series, we currently only have the stickerless version. No doubt, they will be a good candidate of your puzzle collection. Once again, you won’t regret to try and play them on hand.

Enjoy !
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