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Price: $49.00
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Brand : Calvin’s Puzzle

Material : ABS plastic, PVC stickers

Packaging : Hex. box

The Timur Royal Pyraminx has 3 editions,

2 general editions : traditional black and white

1 limited edition : blue

Puzzle info.:

The Royal Pyraminx is a 6-layers Pyraminx which is designed by Timur Evbatyrov after his Master Pyraminx (4-layers) and Prof Pyraminx (5-layers).

Since this is a high order and complex Pyraminx puzzles, we have been working on it for years. Eventually, we had overcome the moulding difficulties and are proud to bring it to the market.

The mechanism do not have much corner-cutting feature as speed cubing cubes. They do turn acceptable, fun and challenge to solve. You have to retain the stickers to solve it.

You won’t regret to try and play them on hand. We shall have black, white and limited blue edition.

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