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Evgeniy BubbleMinx in Hex Box Blue Body
Evgeniy BubbleMinx in Hex Box Blue Body
Price: $24.00
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Brand : Calvin’s Puzzle

Material : ABS plastic, PVC stickers

Height: about 7cm

Packaging : Hex. box

The BubbleMinx has 3 editions,

- 2 general editions : traditional black and white

- 1 limited editions : blue

Puzzle info.:

We have been prepared this cube for more than half year. Thanks again for the brilliant design of Evgeniy.

This is a high quality Megaminx with curvy cutting, same design concept as Meffert’s venus pillow cube. Both are designed by Evgeniy. The outlook are elegant and beautiful, much appeal to customers and collectors.

Same as normal megaminx, its goal is to scramble the puzzle and then restore each face to it’s original colour. High quality cube turns smooth and has much fun to play. You won’t regret to try and play them on hand. We shall have black, white, and a limited blue edition.

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