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Gear Cuboctahedron x5 DIY stickers
Gear Cuboctahedron x5 DIY stickers
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Is a 10 faces shape mod based on Oskar’s Iconic Gear cube, it turns well and Benjy
developed it in early 20 11 and uploaded it to the YouTube channel from his UK
home on February 3rd 2011 thus establishing our International Copyright, this
has also been registered in Mainland China.

Please do not support notorious copy companies like Lan Lan who claim that
they are the sole inventor of the Gear cube and all its variations and have
been ignoring our Attorneys warning letters. So I will give it one more try
to personally send Mr. & Mrs, Lan Lan a letter to stop making and selling
illegal copies of our puzzles. If this is still ignored we have no alternative
to take legal action.

Please buy only the authenticated product with Oskars’s Logo attached which
means that Oskar and Benji will receive their just recognition as co-inventors
and their appropriate royalties.

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