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Kinato 16 Piece Transparent Pink/Green
Kinato 16 Piece Transparent Pink/Green
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Fascinating, entertaining and mentally stimulating! This unusual, attractive magic puzzle is the first of its kind! It is triangular in shape and made up of small triangular plastic components linked together to form a chain. It is mathematically designed. Each small triangle is equilateral. It can be turned upwards or downwards by 360 deg. To form:

a) A big triangle to complete the picture printed or
b) To form other puzzle patterns or
c) To form different shapes like a "Tangram" does.

The structure of this magic puzzle is very versatile, flexible and adaptable. It can be produced comprising 16 small triangular pieces, 64 pieces or 100 pieces or more. Thus it can be modified according to the level of difficulty that is challenging to different age groups.
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