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Pyraminx Duo Black
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Pyraminx Duo Black
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By Kenneth Brandon

By Dan Fast

By Tony Fisher;

By Patryk Szewczyk (in Polish)

Today we are delighted to bring you Oskar and Rob’s new Pyraminx Duo, which
is for all ages and destined to become another puzzle Icon. Molded in highest
quality black and white ABS. The Pyraminx Duo will have our Original Fluorescent
leather grain embossed highest quality German labels, which whilst discontinued
due to high manufacturing cost we had especially reserved some, for this kind
of unique puzzle so that the second difficulty of the centers rotating can be
subtly observed. The Pyraminx Duo also has our original steel ball bearing mechanism
for smoother turning and that nice click, click, click sound.

Following is a brief Introduction by Oskar van Deventer.

Pyraminx Duo was based on an idea by Rob Stegmann. At his webpage,
Rob has a catalog of many twisty puzzles, including ones that have never been
made. Oskar van Deventer spotted a Pyraminx-like puzzle on Rob’s page that had
only corners and centers, but no edges. Oskar developed a prototype of the puzzle,
which is now produced as Pyraminx Duo.

Pyraminx Duo is arguably the easiest non-trivial twisty puzzle. It can always
be solved in four moves when it has plain stickers, and in seven moves with
oriented stickers. The puzzle’s limited difficulty, combined with its attractive
looks and high fiddle factor, makes it a perfect puzzle gift, also to non-experts

The “Pyraminx Duo” as a fun Game for all ages, described by Oscar Roth Andersen,
the present Pyraminx World Record Holder.

Oscar Roth Andersen’s Link:

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