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Uwe's Top Picks
This is the most comprehensive puzzle solution site on the web, well done Jaap...
Jaap's Puzzle Page.
Puzzler - A Collection of Sequential Movement Puzzles.
Mud Inc.
PuzzleSolver - Puzzle Solutions.
Very big collection of 3D puzzles.
Brain teasers by Barry R.Clarke.
Original free brain teasers from Daily Telegraph (UK) compiler.
Mind Sports Olympiad Home Page
Gigantic contest of the Mind with many cash prizes.
Mensa UK
The official website of British Mensa.
Lars Petrus' Speed Cubing Page
An excellent tutorial on how to solve the cube quickly.
Lars was one of the contestants at the Rubik's Cube World Championships in Budapest.
Noel Dillabough's Puzzler (Win95)
Simulates 20 different puzzles including the cubes, skewb, pyraminx, megaminx, orbix, square one and uses the Space Orb for real 3D input! Load and Save your puzzles, email them to friends, use cube move macros in cubist form (UDFBLR). Also a Java version.
Ernö Rubik's Cube Page
Ed Pegg Jr. Mathpuzzles
Atlantis Puzzles & Games
Games, Puzzles, Books & Fractals by Karl Scherer.
Magic Cube 4D
Magic Cube 4D is a fully functional four-dimensional analog of Rubik's cube.
ed. note: You have to see this one to belive it!
Livewire Puzzles.
Specializing in the production and sales of wire disentanglement puzzles.
Contest Center website.
Over 600 puzzles to solve, plus contests with cash prizes for solving puzzles.


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