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Uwe Meffert
Uwe Meffert Is a German-born puzzle inventor and Marine Biologist. He is considered by many to be the world's foremost puzzle expert. His first major invention was the Pyraminx Puzzle, designed in the early 1970's, but only commercially produced after the worldwide success of Erno Rubik's Cube.
Not for one minute resting on his laurels, Uwe Meffert has continually brought us new and thought provoking puzzles that educated whilst entertaining. With his next two puzzles waiting to take the world by storm, Mr. Meffert will prove to us all that he's no where near finished yet!

W. David Joyner
Is a professor at a United States Naval Academy. He has written many Papers on the subject of the mathematics of puzzles and his chief interests include number theory, group theory and his pet dog.
Prof. Joyner has contributed greatly to this website, with the pages on Orbix Puzzle and puzzle history.
Visit his cool homepage at:

Ronald Turner-Smith
Ronald Turner-Smith was born in London, England, in 1937. It was shortly after this that he first became involved in his life-long interest, games and puzzles. By 1962 he had also become involved with Mathematics (having gained a PhD in Algebra) and Education. He was comissioned to Hong Kong by the Council for World Mission in 1968 and now lives there with his wife and three children. He served as Chairman of the Mathematics Department of The Chinese University for several years, and was founding secretary of the Southeast Asian Mathematical Society. Ronald Turner-Smith wrote the solution to the Pyraminx contained on this website.

Christoph Bandelow
Christoph Bandelow Wrote the solutions to the Creative Puzzle Balls featured on this website.

Kurt Endl
Kurt Endl who is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Gissen, wrote the solutions to the Skewb, Impossiball and Megaminx featured on this website.

David Singmaster
Professor David Singmaster is one of the original puzzle experts. From his base at South Bank University, in London, England he has been active in puzzle mathematics and culture for over twenty years. Professor Singmaster Co-authored the solution to the Pyramorphix featured on this website.

Andrew Southern
Andrew Southern became interested in puzzles after his father bought him a pyraminx when he was a child. He soon became fascinated with any kind of mechanism and claims this lead him to where he is today, an undergraduate of Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College, London. Andrew Southern is the editor of this site, wrote the Orbix Simulators and co-authored the solution to the Pyramorphix featured on this website.

Mark Longridge
... helped edit this site, and is best known for his site "Domain of the Cube" which features a huge collection of puzzle information.

Noel Dillabough
... also helped edit this site. He is a professional programmer who happens to be the author of Puzzler for Windows, and its Java equivalent: JPuzzler.
Noel has always been a huge fan of magic puzzles.

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