Top Secret JACKPOT

The world's first mechanical/electronic puzzle
Jackpot is the world's first fully electronic/mechanical puzzle, featuring a unique Twin Axis ball-bearing
mechanism and a light display which is activated as each side of the puzzle is solved. With several difficulty
levels, it is fun to play and solve. Jackpot is the perfect brain-teaser for all ages from 8 to 100-plus.
Ideal for speed cubing.

Please click on the Jackpot puzzle you are interested to reserve. Due to the high cost, involved I will make
my final decision whether to run this special pre-release edition based on the response to this mailing.
Please spread the word to as many puzzle fans as possible to pre-register to make sure that this special
pre-release edition will happen and for which of the 3 models.

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1) Jackpot
(no electronics)

in solid molded colors

Individually signed and dated
with Black Ink

2) Jackpot Supreme

With unique clear center
light displays
Individually signed and dated
with Silver Ink

3) Jackpot Ultimate

all clear parts
with superb light displays
The Ultimate Puzzle Experience
Individually signed and dated
with Gold Ink


I believe this is the most exiting puzzle ever made

Happy Puzzling -
Uwe Meffert