About Uwe Meffert & Meffert’s Puzzles

Meffert’s Puzzles
By Dr. Christoph Bandelow
I like the Puzzles very, very much; I'm really crazy about these puzzles, especially the very new one: the Meffert's Challenge Puzzle Balls. Click here to read more...

Introduction to Uwe Meffert
By Martin Gardner
Uwe Meffert is one of the leading Rotating Puzzle Inventors / makers, and now has a very attractive web-site which will sponsor the Mind Sport Olympiad 2002, Puzzler Championship, with finals being held at the Olympia Stadium in London August 19th - 27th 2,000. Click here to read more...

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ƤרҽԺ ţƤѢҽԺ,ţƤѢҽԺ,ţƤѢҽԺ ҽԺ,ưҽԺ,ݰҽԺ ƽƷ,ƽ֢״ ״/״֢״/״ ݡҽԺ/ݡƷ/ݡô Ѣ Ƥ ѷҽϢ
õƤҽԺ Ƥ Ƥ ƤҽԺ ƤҽԺ
ϷƤҽԺ ճҽԺ,Ƥ ƤרҽԺ,ƤҽԺ õƤҽԺ
ţƤѢҽԺ,ţƤѢҽԺ,ţƤѢ·,ţƤѢҽԺ,ţƤѢҽԺ õİҽԺ
۲ҽԺ ݡȥļҽԺ
Ƥô Ʊƽ ״ м
ͺѷ ѢԤ Ҹ ݽǻ֢ҽԺ ֢ҽԺ ݽ괯ȥ